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Technology and R+D

“Simplicity is the only

form of sophistication”

All Altus products have been tested by mountaineers and expert athletes. We have accompanied them on their adventures and have made history alongside some of them. Together we have reached Everest, Annapurna, Lhotse, Vignemale and Aconcagua summits and the frozen soils of Greenland. We have visited the five continents alongside the very best, striving to perfect the technology of our products based on their experience.


Altus currently has the following certificates that ensure the high standards of its products and production processes:

ISO 9001:2015

ALTUS was the first Spanish brand in the sector to obtain this quality standard. We continuously improve our work system to offer our customers the guarantee that gives our products reliability. ISO 9001 enables us to control all the steps in the production process, complying with the milestones of the standard, from the choice of materials to the end result. Nothing is left to chance.

ISO 14001:2015

We love nature. That’s why we manufacture our products with the utmost respect for the environment. Regardless of the activity, size or location of your company, this standard involves a high number of environmental demands. To comply with it, the use of tools that integrate the environment into the overall management of the company is a must. That means doing things with the least environmental impact possible.


We also comply with this standard to guarantee compliance with NATO quality guarantee requirements in the production and supply of clothing and camping items (backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and other mountain living and movement accessories) for use by the Armed Forces and the Law Enforcement Agencies.

We will soon be incorporating the AQAP 2105 and the ISO for Work-Life Balance.
Tejidos exclusivos Altus

exclusive fabrics


Fabric that is highly resistant to tear and friction. Used in areas of maximum abrasion.


Very tough 600D polyester fabric, with polyurethane inner and water-repellent outer finish for improved waterproofing. Good resistance to UV rays.

PA 210D / 420D NYLON

High-quality polyamide fabric, with polyurethane inner and water-repellent outer finish for improved waterproofing. The ripstop construction gives the fabric greater resistance to ripping. This is highly recommended for 210D fabrics, which are lighter than the 420D, with a greater anti-abrasive capacity.

Air flow system


Backrest with ventilation channel created thanks to the reliefs that create the support points.

AirSpace system


Ventilation system with tensed mesh back in contact with the body, getting and free space between the back and the backpack. So it gets and excellent air circulation and highest ventilation in the back.



The Eva fit system creates channels using Eva rubber to maintain the separation between our back and the backpack.

Fresh fit foam


Fixed thermoformed back system, It allows a perfect xation to the body for greater mobility without losing comfort and ventilation.



Regulation system with webbings in order to achieve different sizes. ASIHOS system works over a light and ergonomic frame in aluminum in the back keeping the backpack in vertical position with a wide space inside.

Nuestros estándares de fabricación

Our manufacturing standards

At Altus we innovate in designs, processes and materials to obtain products of the highest quality at the best price.

The Altus Technical Department works on the research and development of new materials, improvements to work systems, and new designs of items to add to the catalogue with the greatest guarantees.

We identify user needs, we design the product, we select the best material, and we optimise the manufacturing processes to increase quality, ensuring our prices remain competitive. The secret lies in never taking anything for granted and always looking for new ways of learning to continue improving every day.

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